Monday, November 5, 2012

The Mysterious Case of Hipsters

"oh my god! you are SUCH a hipster! That scarf goes so well with your skinny jeans! Where did you get those thick rimmed glasses?"
Okay so if you haven't been living under a rock for the past year, you would have noticed the increased trend in hipsterdom. Now if you have been living under a rock (I have no clue how your computer fits under your beloved rock more so how you have a computer or internet to read this if you did live under a rock) but a Hipster, to me and what I think nowadays, is the embodiment of anti mainstream-ness. They live to be different from the normal. It gives people a reason to listen to strange music or dress differently (skinny jeans, moccasins, neon colors) but here is where my skepticism kicks in. It's like saying what was uncool is now cool and what was cool is now uncool . Wait what?? How does that work? I mean I know how it works but isn't that just hypocritical because if being a hipster (which embodies going against society and the normal) is now what is normal, then is it still considered "hipster?"
Now I don't disapprove of all hipsters, I certainly know a few people who have the hipster look and are random and everything but not because they think it's cool, they do it because that's just who they are in general (before hipsterdom came into play). What really drives me bonkers is whenever somebody says, "Oh you probably never heard of this band because it's not really mainstream." Um, excuse me but I could probably name a few bands that you have never heard of, thank you very much!
So my main point is mainly about: is hipsterdom just another fad? Yes and no at the same time. Yes because just like hippies and punks (people who want to rebel), they are all looking for some way to be different but then when they realize that hipsterdom has become the new "in" thing, they are going to abandon the idea and move on to some new label. That's what it is- just a label (like the brands that they were are labels)
Now I'm not trying to be wishy-washy here but I also believe that hipsterdom is not a fad. It is not a fad in the sense that I believe true "hipsters" are the people who just are themselves. People who are independent and don't worry about fitting into a certain crowd. Independent doesn't mean that they have to do the exact opposite of what people do, it just means that they aren't easily influenced by others opinions. They do things not because it seems cool or uncool but because they love doing what they do and don't care if it becomes mainstream or not mainstream. I believe that true "hipsters" are not people who act like they are not the normal but in reality they are; true "hipsters" are those who are independent, free spirits that don't give a damn about what they do whether it's labeled as "cool" or "uncool", "right" or "wrong", "mainstream" or "hipster" as long as it satisfies their personal standards.